About us


Founded in 1985, Delos Systems started its business as a distributor of electronic instrumentation in the planning sector. Since 1992, with the introduction of portable computers DolceComputer Inc. opened a new division devoted strictly to the provision of software for typicalfield requirements.

The evolution of computer systems, combined with the changing needs of businesses and professionals, Delos Systems directs gradually toward commercialization of portable computers with increasingly high performance and functionality more and more complex, at the same time able to tackle even the most extreme conditions. In 1998, the meeting confirmedthe orientation with Panasonic products dedicated to a professional target, in which strength,weather protection and a wide range of operating temperatures are now considered essentialcharacteristics.

The division of Delos Rugged System has identified the best brands in the market sector and currently distributes products from Panasonic, Psion, Teklogix, Kontron and SATO.