Air Division

The air division of Ardenghi Brothers-New Air handles systems and equipment for compressed air and it is able to assist its Customer in every need , offering  the widest range of services, from planning to the installation, including the release of the project and certification of system, to the assistance and to the programmed maintenance on systems and compressors.



The accurate analysis of your needs and your property allowes to find accurately the more suitable features of components and of machineries to your needs and the best solution to ensure the required performance requirements.

From the feasibility study leads then to the  formulation of the cheapest conditions for the Customers, ever with the clean goal to get  the highest relation quality/price.


Click to enlarge the example of a projectPLANNING
The Ardenghi Brothers-New Air‘s technical office makes the planning of  your  system  on the basis of the made study, redige l’elaborato tecnico di lay-out definitivo, completo di tutti i dati tecnici dell’impianto da realizzare, scegliendo per voi solo il meglio tra compressori e componenti modulari. Inoltre, già in fase di progettazione siamo in grado di effettuare appositi studi documentati dei costi energetici. 



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Ardenghi Brothers-New Air is directly involved in the installation of the designed system, using highly qualified technical staff that works according to the manufacturer and in the name of “good rule of art ”, in respect of the regulations about installation of compressed air systems and in compliance with safety standards in the workplace.

We offer the most  reliabe and efficient sistemi of distribution of compressed air, arranged in modules of aluminum profile andin a wide range of sizes, we use modular systems …………………… for pressures up to ……….. Bar, that allow considerable advantages like quick installation, easy operation for subsequent changes or expansion and modularity of components.




The release of the work provides a rigorous control of the entire system, including instrumental checks  and recording of  information.



At the delivery of the system, the complete documentation of system is released to the Customer, including:

  • Technical elaborate of layout and of specifications of the system  made

  • Declaration of Compliance with sound engineering practice

  • Test report

  • Declaration of  machinery and components Conformity (compressors,  valves, gauges…) branded “CE”  

  • Technical report and graphical elaboration  of the energy consumption of rhe system (on request)



Thanks to its highly specialized staff, Ardenghi Brothers-New Air is inserted in the companies with space and equipment to operate directly on the plants when some emergents occurs. To ensure a complete service, in addition to the availability of expert technical and maintainer available 24 hours * 24, a strong and competent team is at your disposal, and will be happy to meet your needs.



Our skills have been achieved and consolidated through years of work with companies specialized in the same sector.
The cost of delivery varies depending on model and manufacturer, which is reduced by a percentage discount from 10% to 30% over list price.